Meet The Artisans

Artisan Partners of Mary Has A Little Glam come from many beautiful parts of Thailand. All of the Artisans we work with have the opportunity to work from home, and the ability to determine their own schedules. This not only helps generate a income to help support their families, it is meaningful, made with love and filled with passion.

We are proud that each product we deliver is one of a kind, embodied with Thailands culture and tradition. Our pieces are made with a technique only a trained hand can execute.

For our Artisan Partners, we don't wish to only be a source of their income, we traveled across the world to meet them, sat side by side with them and learned from them. It's because we value and appreciate our Artisan Partners for who they are and their amazing work.

We wish to inspire and empower more Artisans from around the world with the beautiful work we're doing with our partners from Thailand. Spread love, light a path and pass on the torch so our beloved can carry on tradition through generations to come.

Ultimately, we aim to help prove to the world how Artisans and their handmade pieces are just as flawless as a diamond.

Imagine? We would have changed the world! Well guess what? Together we could, diamonds are not the only way into a women's heart, just ask Mary and she'll tell you.

Glam is what you make of it.